"Our products are not only better for the environment, they are better for the entire printing process and the life of your equipment."

Have you ever wondered why metering roller cleaners are some of the most hazardous chemicals in your pressroom? We did.

Genesis® bio-based metering and chrome roller cleaning/desensitizing products are very mild compared to competitive products and will extend the life of rollers and offer safer product for your employees and community. In many cases, our products cut and clean just as easily as the harsh products currently on the market.


Conditioning Dampening Rollers Has Never Been This Easy.

Genesis FASTPRINT is a dampening roller desensitizer and conditioner. FASTPRINT removes contaminants and wash up chemicals from the micro pores of chrome and compound (rubber) rollers leaving them hydrophilic (water loving).

The dampening roller system must attract water and repel ink. By utilizing FASTPRINT to desensitize and condition dampening rollers, rollers last longer, water transfers more efficiently and ink feedback is reduced. FASTPRINT will not contaminate fountain solution in water pans or circulation systems.

FASTPRINT can also be used as a plate conditioner to assist with improving make ready and restarts and as a
scratch remover.

Our products far exceed all federal, state and local mandates including SCAQMD 1171. FASTPRINT produces zero VOC’s! Combined with BRIGL, these two products replace Blanket and Roller Wash and Metering Roller Cleaners.

Genesis MRC and Genesis MCCD

Genesis manufactures two metering roller cleaners, Genesis MRC (UV/EB/CCI MRC) and Genesis MCCD.

MRC was designed for, and is effective with, most energy curable and cold set inks. MRC has a flashpoint greater that 200 F and contains no regulated toxins, surfactants, or acetone.

MCCD is single step cleaner and desensitizer designed for conventional cold set inks. It cuts ink very well and does a great job turning rollers back hydrophilic. MCCD is also exceptional when used as a second step desensitizer after the dampening rollers have been cleaned. For those using blanket wash to clean your dampening rollers, MCCD is more effective way to ensure that those rollers are conditioned to accept water.

Does your facility meet SCAQMD 1171 Requirements? Genesis products far exceed all federal and state requirements, contact us today to learn how easily Genesis can make your pressroom compliant!

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