"Genesis is the safest and most environmentally responsible pressroom chemistry line on the market. We only manufacture safe and sustainable products."


Genesis® RCP (Roller Cleaning Paste)

Are you currently using a roller cleaning paste to deglaze and deep clean rollers or are you looking for a product to deglaze and deep clean your rollers?

Genesis Roller Cleaning Paste gently but effectively deep cleans and conditions rollers removing unwanted contaminants and rinses out of the rollers much easier and quicker than the competition.

Genesis Roller Cleaning Paste is the clear choice when compared to the competition. Unlike competitive pastes, Genesis RCP does not utilize talc as the main binding/thickening agent. Why you ask?

  • Talc is calcium which is one of the contaminants paste is designed to remove
  • Talc is abrasive and can score or damage rollers
  • Talc is a water repellent which makes it difficult to rinse out of rollers

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Are you battling roller stripping or calcium build up on your blankets? Do you currently use vinegar or a calcium rinse for rollers?

Genesis CaCo3 can assist in eliminating many blanket and roller issues associated with calcium deposits. When used as a final roller rinse, CaCo3 is extremely effective in removing calcium contaminants. Using CaCo3 in combination with Genesis RCP leaves rollers thoroughly cleaned and conditioned.

CaCo3 may also be used as a fountain solution additive in extreme cases of roller stripping and/or paper dust deposits on blankets. CaCo3 will assist in eliminating calcium deposits by keeping them suspended in fountain solution.


GPC (Genesis Plate Cleaner)

GPC was designed to clean and desensitize metal plates and is effective on conventional, UV and EB inks.

GPC works well as a scratch remover. This product is not for use with unbaked positive plates.


VEA Multi-purpose Pressroom Product

VEA eliminates ALL environmental, health and safety issues and is manufactured with 100% United States grown renewable resources. What more can you ask for from a product?

    • As an anti-skin for ink cans, fountains and rollers use the spray atomizer to apply an even mist coat.
    • As an ink train roller lubricant, begin by washing up the unit. Next mist/apply a generous amount of VEA onto the rollers.  Check rollers at hourly intervals to insure adequate VEA remains on the rollers.
    • As a conventional ink tack reducer, begin by mixing 2 ounces per pound of ink and increase an ounce at a time until desired tack is achieved.
    • As an ink film stability enhancer add 1/8 – 1/4 ounce per pound of ink.


Genesis Anti-Foam

Genesis Anti-Foam is highly concentrated so you use less. One or two caps full is all you need.


Genesis (Tank Line & Pipe Cleaner)

TLPC is the best cleaner for fountain solution tanks, lines and pipes. One pint of TLPC will remove ink and contaminants from fountain solution recirculation systems while killing micro-organism growth. TLPC helps lines stay cleaner allowing for better flow rates through water pans.


Genesis 950 Concentrate

Genesis 950 Concentrate makes tough cleaning jobs easy. 950 is a cleaner and deodorizer that cuts and cleans all ink, coating, grease, grime and dirt with ease. 950 can be used to clean press side frames, floors, walls, metal surfaces as well as most upholstery. 950 is highly concentrated and was designed to be diluted with water.

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